Customer experience optimization Made simple

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Check-ins
  • Queue management
  • Back-office processes

All in one integrated software service

Q-Flow® by Q-nomy Inc is a class-leading solution selected by the US Government, AT&T, Scotiabank and many more.

Reduce wait times

And instantly improve customer satisfaction

Sell more

Personalize your service and give better advise

Save money

Streamline your service processes and save valuable resources

Q-Flow forRetail stores & service centers

Optimize all aspects of customer appointment management, such as online & mobile scheduling, and pre-visit customer communication. Sell more and enhance your customer’s experience using in-store advertising – personalized content via SMS, email, and print-on-demand brochures, as well as interactive kiosks and wall displays.

Q-Flow forFinancial institutions

Give a customer-centric service using a solution that incorporates business process management (BPM), calendar planning, and visit management tools. Cut wait times and make a true business transformation – turn your branches from outdated service locations into modern sales-driven retail channels.

Q-Flow forGovernment & public sector

Manage visitor flow from the reception stage to service completion , as well as back-office processes such as form processing, permit request inspection, and so on. Deliver a seamless customer experience, eliminate lags and prevent incorrect routing or mishandling of cases in the process. 

Q-Flow forMedical centers & clinics

Manage appointment scheduling, staff, resources, patient intake processes and all patient-centric workflows, using one integrated system. Ensure your organization operates in unison, fully utilizing available resources to the benefit of both staff and patients.


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